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"I have been doing belly dancing all my life without knowing it!" quips belly dancing instructor Frédérique Herel. Frédérique started ballet at the age of 8, and modern dance a few years later. At 16, she began teaching both dance styles to children and adults. In addition, she has often performed ballet and modern dance shows on stage.

A few years ago Frédérique discovered the ancient art of belly dancing and instantly embraced it. "I believe all styles of modern dance are connected to belly dancing," she says. "When you are moving your body to the beat of popular songs, chances are you are belly dancing!

Belly dancing is based on movements that come naturally to the female form, but the benefits of this timeless dance can be enjoyed by men and children alike. Belly dancing is excellent for your health.

It is considered a low-impact exercise, meaning the risk of injury is minimal. During the dance, the movements of hip drops, circles, figure eights, and "shimmies" put the joints and ligaments in the lower back and hip through a full range of gentle, repetitive motion, therefore improving posture and toning muscles.

Exercising the abdominal area is bound to tighten those abs; but did you realize that it also helps food move along the digestive system? The rhythmic movements of the dance allow you to "let go" and relax, making it a great stress reliever.

Because the dance involves not only your belly, but also your arms, legs, and back muscles, it will give you a complete workout that can be beneficial to your heart and breathing, and could promote weight loss.

Whether you want to enhance your health or just make your body undulate and vibrate to the drumming sounds of exotic music, join Frédérique in one of her belly dancing classes: you won't regret it!


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