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Available Classes

Each class (about 45 minutes) includes the teaching of specific belly dance steps. At the end of the class, all the steps are being combined into a routine showing how much the participants have learned in just one hour.

Belly Dancing Basics

Even if you have never belly danced before, you will be able to perform pelvic tilts, hip circles, and shimmies by the end of this class. View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing goes Caribbean

Give an island flavor to your belly dancing by moving your hips to the intoxicating sounds of steel drums. Are you feeling hot yet? View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing - Arabian Nights

While learning to undulate your body with camels, mayas and snake arms, discover the magic of this sensual dance. View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing al Ritmo Latino

Mambo, salsa, tango, rumba, all those rhythms are natural to belly dance. Time to shimmy your mambo! View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing meets Hip Hop

If you love Hip Hop and you love belly dance, here is a way to fuse these two different dance styles. Anyone who has beats to share will enjoy this Hip Hop Belly Dance! View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing - Drumming Spirit

If you think that belly dancing is only for the belly, guess again! During this energetic class, you will get the best workout while having fun. Are you ready to shake it? View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing Disco Fever

Remember the seventies? When you-or your parents-were caught in the Disco Fever, chances are you were belly dancing! View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing - Mid-Eastern Rhythms

Sway your hips and your arms to the melodious sounds of the doumbek, the ouk and the flute. Belly circles and shoulder shimmies are within your reach! View routine in pdf format

Belly Dancing Showcase

This class is only offered at the end of a session of more than three classes. The routines learned during the session will be reviewed during this class. Whether you have attended the previous classes or are discovering some of the routines, come and enjoy this Belly Dancing Showcase!

These pictures are of the classes held in Hamilton in April/May, 2008

Brilliance Belly Stars: A crowd of belly dance enthusiasts met every sea day to learn belly dance. Here, there are performing the routine learned at the end of the "Arabian Nights" class

Brilliance Belly Stars: Practicing camels, Egyptian walk and shimmies to the music of Born to be Alive during the Belly Dance Disco Fever class


Oakville, Ontario (Canada) and bordering areas

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