Belly Dance by Frédérique

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Holiday/Christmas Party

Belly Dance Parties for Special Occasions

Imagine... You have just finished your turkey dinner and your DJ starts playing dancing music. Most party guests need to move and would like to dance, but they are feeling self-conscious and believe they need a few more drinks to drown their inhibitions. Many are ready to leave...

At this moment, a dynamic, entertaining and persuasive dance instructor takes the microphone and joyfully entices everyone to give belly dance a try. A few ladies join her on the dance floor, followed by a lot more ladies and even... a few gentlemen. Encouraged by the relaxed atmosphere, the simplified dance steps and the irresistible music, they all dance, laugh, perform, cheer and applaud. All attendees, dancers and spectators alike, have an unforgettable time!

Afterwards, they will be more willing to continue dancing, chatting and rejoicing together. And they will talk about this party for many years to come!

It could be Your Next Holiday/Christmas Party!



Available from Toronto to Hamilton, Ontario

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