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Frédérique has been a Belly Dance Instructor aboard some of the most luxurious cruiseships

The Voyager of the Seas Belly Dancing beginners performing on stage at the end of the May, 2011 Transatlantic crossing. Well done, ladies!

Brilliance Belly Stars - Talent Show: The amazing performance of 24 belly dance beginners in front of 800 guests of the Brilliance of the Seas, on a Barcelona-Dubai cruise, in January, 2011.

To view a few pictures of the classes and show, click here!

How a group of late beginners received a standing ovation bellydancing during the "Starring You" show on Celebrity's Solstice cruiseship, on the Solstice's Inaugural Transatlantic cruise in 2009!

The video below was taken on the Galaxy, during the "Starring You" show. After only a one-hour class with Frédérique, as well as a few rehearsals, the dancers were able to perform the routine (with their teacher) on the Celebrity Theater, in front of a cheering crowd!

This video shows all the steps that beginners can learn during only one class with Frédérique!


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