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Testimonials from Cruise Guests

I wish you lived by me. I would be in your class all the time.
Elaine N.C.

The belly dance instruction was amazing! I have never been able to learn any dance (I'm 59) but Frederique was easy to understand and follow. It was lots of fun. Excellent! Thanks!
Julie Brown

Frédérique is a charming teacher with a very wide range of dance styles which she incorporates into a delightfully varied belly dance class. You'll love dancing with her!
Renée French

I had almost given up on belly dance after the last cruise! Then I went to your class and it was so easy to follow. You are so well organized I thought you were German! Good luck with your future cruises!
Bianca, from Dallas

My previous attempts at learning belly dance had been frustrating and confusing. I have learned so much from your logical, detailed and clear instructions. I really enjoyed your energy, humor and love of this art. You are a wonderful, dedicated and excellent teacher with a bubbly personality.
Roberta Pitnak

I took an 8-week belly dance course back in the Spring. But I learned more in one hour with you than in 8 weeks before.
Wendy C.

This is the best class on the ship!
Jeri H.

What ship will you be on next? I want to follow you.
Gail L.

Can we have an extra class this afternoon?
Catherine D.

I enjoyed every minute of your classes.
Andrea M.

Testimonials from Cruise Director Staff

We received great feedback from your classes.
David Chapman, Activity Manager, Explorer of the Seas

She had a great following and she did great.
Sammi Baker, Cruise Director, Regal Princess

I would strongly suggest to have her on board more often.
Leo Reyes, Cruise Program Administrator, Radiance of the Seas

Testimonials about Parties and Classes

Frederique is an excellent dancer and dedicated teacher. She made her class fun, inspiring and easy. Belly dancing will make you happy, healthy andd feeling sexy. Thanks, Frederique.
Anne T., Re/Max Performance Realty Inc.

I have never seen so many women come to life; the moment the scarves hit the hips, the sensuality oozes out. Belly dancing is both exercise and fun.
Thank you Frederique for bringing out the sexy me, not graceful, but definitely sexy!
Heather N., Curves Fitness Technician

It was so nice to meet you last Sunday. My friends and I thought you were excellent with the kids. I heard some of the kids practiced your lesson at home and tried to teach other family members how to belly dance. Thank you once more for a great birthday party!
Nilgun DeLuca, Financial Advisor

We all had an absolutely great time on Wednesday evening! I'm sure we will all be talking about it for quite sometime. You made the evening a lot of fun. Thanks! I could see organizing something like this again with another group of friends.
Kelly W., Race Car Driver

Thank you for a very special evening and a delicious dinner. Haven't had such fun in a long time!
Anne P., 'After 50' Red Hatters

We had an absolutely great time! What an enjoyable way of working out! I am hoping that we can do this again - maybe this will be our annual event! Many thanks,
Paulina R., Queen of "'After 50' Red Hatters", Red Hat Society

We all knew about her perfection doing her workout, but Frederique has outdone herself with her Belly Dancing class. We all had a fantastic time and hope to do it again really soon. Thanks Frederique.
Maura M., Curves Fitness Manager

We have had nothing but positive feedback. I think the ladies had a GREAT time with the belly dancing. I would love to set up a time to do it over at our other location.
Kathryn H., Owner of two Curves locations

Frédérique has a wonderful way with people, she made me feel so sexy, and I haven't felt that sexy in years.
Even though I am 50 pounds overweight, I felt like a goddess by the time we were finished learning our bellydance. This was achieved in one hour! I hope to take more classes in the future, and I would have no other teacher than the fabulous Frédérique!!!
Lise P.

Bonjour Frederique, thank you for the pictures, it certainly shows how much we all enjoyed ourselves, learning to Belly Dance, the experience was fantastic. I was truly amazed at how easy it was to learn the dance in just one hour and how you managed to choreograph a routine for us to perform so fluidly. By the way the video we took of us learning to belly dance and the final performance was truly awesome, and we'll all treasure this memory of the wonderful evening you created for us. The food and conversation was an added bonus. Thank you once again.
Betty B.

I thoroughly enjoyed our evening of belly dancing! It was so much fun! The food was an excellent way to end it off because I was starving after our invigorating workout! Thank you so much for introducing me to something so new and exciting! I am going to tell all my friends and co-workers about my experience and highly recommend that they contact you for an evening that they will never forget!
Bobi-Lyn M.
P.S. Enjoy your cruise!

Sorry for being so late to thank you for the belly-dancing class you organized with a few of your colleagues and me the other day. I must admit I was surprised how much you managed to accomplish with total newcomers to belly-dancing in so little time. It was amazing to see a small "choreography" with the 6 of us after only an hour, albeit a very modest one. Your enthusiasm is very "contagious", and you managed to get even the most "coordination-challenged" amongst us (i.e. me) to feel somehow competent.
We all wish that exercise always would be this much fun!
Anne D.T.

It was a lot of fun, the instructor (Frédérique) was very energetic and enthusiastic. The mix of music was perfect. The chance of eating mid-east food was also a good idea for continuing the bonding between the girls. Lots of sweat but worth it.
Carolle L.<

An excellent way to spend a girls' night! So much fun to experience the "Oriental movements" on a background of "western music"! Yes, Frédérique proved it is possible!
What a revelation ! Elvis was a great "belly dancer". Thanks for a lovely evening.
Nairy K.

J'ai beaucoup apprécié notre classe de danse du ventre que tu nous as offerte. Tes instructions étaient claires et tes démonstrations de chaque mouvement m'ont beaucoup aidée à les comprendre et à apprendre la choréographie. C'est la première fois que j'ai suivi une classe de cette forme de danse, et je me suis beaucoup amusée!! Le repas après la classe était aussi un plaisir - excellente idée pour une soirée.
Merci beaucoup,
Diane R.

I found your presentation style relaxed, easy to follow and inclusive. It is hard to quickly ascertain the levels of your class, and you did that very well and unobtrusively. The "small steps" / "one step at a time" format worked well, I think, and you made sure that you gave us practice time with each movement, and with a variety of music, before combining it with another one. I enjoyed your lesson, and am interested in the benefits of increased flexibility that belly dancing can provide me. Your biggest asset, I think, is your wonderful smile!
Carol D.

I loved taking your belly dancing class. Truly, Frederique, you model grace under pressure!
As for your belly dancing classes on Royal Caribbean, you're gonna knock 'em dead!
Jean D.

I am the one grateful for allowing me such an experience...Thank you...You are indeed a passionate teacher. Thank you for sharing yourself. Be well,
Sandra P.

I had a good time. I enjoyed the experience and the workout. You taught it very well, in easy to follow movements and you made it fun as well. I enjoyed it.
Daniela K.

I believe this is a fun and exciting form of exercising and relaxing. I also believe it would "loosen" me up and get me in touch with my femininity. I liked your encouragement to think "Look I am beautiful" when we did the "opening up like a flower."
Anita R.



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